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MooTools 1.2.2 and More Released!

Posted on | April 23, 2009 | No Comments

Valerio Proietti just posted the release of MooTools 1.2.2 and MooTools More (

Looks like there are some goodies from the Core:

MooTools 1.2.2 is a mainly a bug fix release but it also includes an almost entirely new Class.js. The reasoning behind this is that the old Class.js didn’t play nicely with some advanced usages of this.parent() present in the new MooTools-More. We already had the script ready and tested in the MooTools 2.0 branch so we simply “backported” it to 1.2.2. Other than providing the parent fixes, the new Class also features a much more robust inheritance model, especially when dealing with objects.

And something for the More:

One of the new features of MooTools-More, since the last RC, is that it is now possible access the previous state of overwritten methods of classes through Class.refractor.

And last bit of exciting news: quick/regular new feature bi-weekly releases.

Way to go team! Thank you for the awesome work!



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